Wednesday 3 December 2014

Revealed: how civil servants had 14,000 hits on Yes blog before indyref

CIVIL servants visited a controversial nationalist blog almost 14,000 times in the six months before the independence referendum.

Figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats through a Freedom of Information request show that the Scottish Government employees, who must be politically impartial, accessed the Wings Over Scotland site on average 77 times per day.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Willie Rennie really needs to grow up. Is he even capable of realising that this “prescribed nationalist reading list” is entirely a figment of his own diseased imagination?

And what is “controversial” about the Wings Over Scotland website? Other than the fact that it challenges the almost entirely British nationalist-oriented mainstream media? I can honestly claim to have read almost the entire output of Wings Over Scotland since it was launched. I have yet to see anything that was even remotely “abusive”. Unless, of course, exposing the lies, deceits, prevarications and dissembling of British politicians and their media cronies is to be considered “abuse”.

What offends Willie Rennie and his British nationalist ilk is the fact that Wings Over Scotland subjects them to the kind of critical scrutiny which they cannot endure. The kind of rigorous analysis which the old media so abysmally fails to provide. The kind of scrupulous examination which tends to leave Rennie and the rest exposed as liars or fools or both.

But there is another aspect to Rennie’s latest infantile outburst. Something more insidious. Something which relates to the warnings given before the referendum about the way in which the British establishment would respond to a No vote. What might seem at first to be no more than petulant railing against a website which has consistently embarrassed Rennie and his pals in the other British parties, is also an attempt to undermine the credibility Scotland’s democratic institutions.

I, among many others, warned that this would happen if the forces of rampant British nationalism were emboldened and empowered by a No vote in the independence referendum. I warned that the full force of the British state would be brought to bear on the institutions which it considers a threat to its continued existence - not least, the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

Make no mistake, as far as the British state is concerned, Scotland is the enemy. Willie Rennie may be one of the Westminster establishment’s more insignificant pawns, but he is at least a reliable pawn who will do his bit in defence of the structures of power and privilege which define the British state, and the ruling elites at whose teat he suckles.

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