Sunday 14 December 2014

Johann Lamont snubs Murphy in leadership vote

BITTER Johann Lamont snubbed Jim Murphy in the leadership contest after she voted for his main rivals.

Peter A Bell's insight:

What is all to obvious is the fact that British Labour in Scotland is a festering pit of factionalism and turmoil. What should be obvious is that Jim Murphy is the very last person any sane individual would have appointed to the task of healing wounds. Does anybody better represent the problems besetting the pretendy “Scottish Labour Party” - as identified by Johann Lamont - than Murph The Malevolent?

As Labour politicians, members and supporters in Scotland demand greater autonomy - or at least respect - for the Scottish branch, British Labour in Scotland appoints as its new office manager a member of British Labour’s Westminster elite who epitomises the control-freakery of the British Labour hierarchy.

As British Labour in Scotland is crying out for someone who can smooth ruffled feathers and heal divisions, their London bosses engineer the coronation of a thoroughly obnoxious individual whose idea of dialogue is to repeatedly scream “F*** off!” into the face of his political opponents.

As Scotland moves inexorably towards the restoration of the nation’s rightful constitutional status, British Labour appoints as its man in Scotland a rabid British nationalist fanatic.

The words “death wish” come immediately to mind.

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