Monday 22 December 2014

Clarke: indyref result created more uncertainty than it solved

Former Tory Chancellor Ken Clarke has claimed Scotland’s independence referendum created more uncertainty than it solved.

Peter A Bell's insight:

I may have mentioned before that Willie Rennie is a buffoon. Quite why he feels the need to confirm his clownishness on such a regular basis is something of a mystery. The whole point, as far as Rennie and his British nationalist ilk are concerned, is to lash out at the hated SNP. It doesn’t matter that these mindless attacks attacks make no sense. Intellectually cripple by blind prejudice Rennie is not equipped to think his utterances through to the point where the senselessness becomes embarrassingly clear.

When Alex Salmond spoke of an independence referendum being a “once in a generation” thing, he was expressing a personal opinion. Being Alex Salmond, he was also being very politically astute. It was important to play down the possibility of a second referendum lest people vote No on the assumption that they’d get another chance fairly soon. But it was also important that Salmond did not explicitly rule out a second referendum. Which is why he made it so clear that he was giving his opinion.

But that’s not what Rennie and other British nationalist numpties heard. They heard what they wanted to hear. They heard that which suited their virulent anti-SNP/anti-independence agenda. Regardless of what Salmond actually said - and what sane, sensible people heard him say - Rennie chose to hear a solemn undertaking that there would be no new referendum within a generation.

In his frantic eagerness to contrive a stick with which to beat Alex Salmond. Rennie doesn’t only opt to ignore what was actually said, he also chooses to ignore the glaringly obvious fact that Salmond could not possibly give the undertaking which Rennie is so desperate to pretend he did give. Even as First Minister, Salmond would have no way to prevent another referendum if that was what the people of Scotland demanded.

Like the profound silliness exhibited by Wille Rennie, this failure grasp the fundamentals of democracy appears to be a defining characteristic of the British nationalist fanatic.

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