Saturday 6 December 2014

Brian Wilson: Sturgeon must face reality over NHS

A BRIEF ENCOUNTER with First Minister’s Questions suggested that the most visible change under the revised management involves a new set of Chief Noddies who surround their leader.

Peter A Bell's insight:

"Wherever there was the opportunity to wound a political opponent, however unfairly or unreasonably, [Nicola Sturgeon] has always been an eager wielder of the knife."

Jaw-dropping hypocrisy from rabid British nationalist fanatic, Brian Wilson. British labour in Scotland, in collusion with their Tory allies, have spent their entire time posing as the opposition at Holyrood indulging in petty and often totally dishonest attacks on the SNP. Their only other tactic has been constant denigration of NHS Scotland and Scotland’s democratic institutions.

I can answer Wilson’s charge against Nicola Sturgeon with two words - Jackie Baillie!

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