Wednesday 3 December 2014

A new track: Westminster invites Scots minister to represent UK in Europe

Scotland’s new education minister Angela Constance has been invited by the Westminster government to represent the UK at a key EU meeting.

The UK Government wants to “reset” its relationship with the Scottish Government following the divisive independence referendum and “reposition” its work in Scotland.

Peter A Bell's insight:

We are right to be suspicious of anything that is represented in the British media as the largesse of the UK Government. It is, after all, barely a fortnight since Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead, was unceremoniously snubbed by Cameron.

Does this concession to Angela Constance mark a change in the Westminster elite’s sneeringly condescending attitude towards Scotland? Or is it merely a sop that the media can play up as if it was actually significant? I suspect the latter.

Either way, I am surely not alone in finding it offensive that a government we rejected at the polls has the power to dictate whether or not Scotland’s voice is heard in the EU. I look forward to the day our democratically elected representatives take their place in the forum’s of Europe and the world as of right. That day cannot be far off.

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