Wednesday 24 December 2014

Party leaders in festive call for reconciliation

Political rivals have urged Scots to use the Christmas spirit to heal divisions caused by the independence referendum and to put political differences aside during the festive season.

Peter A Bell's insight:

What all this pious claptrap from these British politicians boils down to is an appeal for everybody to just forget the distortions, deceits and dishonesty of the anti-independence propaganda campaign. They are effectively demanding that they should not be held to account for their scaremongering and lies. They are seeking to use the spirit of the season to get themselves off the hook.

Personally, I am disinclined to oblige them.

I bear no ill-will towards those who voted No in good faith because they were taken in by the mendacity and false promises of the British parties. But those who perpetrated the deceit deserve no forgiveness. Ordinary voters don’t need to explain or justify their choices other than to their own conscience. But politicians must be answerable for their words and deeds. That is democracy.

This desperate invoking of a seasonal spirit of forgiveness is no more than a tawdry ploy. I will gladly wish British politicians in Scotland a Happy Christmas. But I can offer them no consolation for their fortunes in the New Year. They will be justly punished at the polls in May.

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