Sunday 16 November 2014

The one-man policy committee - YouTube

Scottish Labour leadership candidate Neil Findlay MSP tells the Andrew Marr Show that his party opposes Trident renewal, surprising a nation as well as the r…

Peter A Bell's insight:

Watch, listen and marvel at the casual ease with which British Labour politicians lie to the people of Scotland.

It would be good to be able to say that there was something exceptional about wannabe leaderkin of British Labour in Scotland, Neil Findlay, dishonestly claiming that opposing the obscenity of Trident is official British Labour policy. Regrettably, however, this kind of brazen, bare-faced lying is now the norm among British politicians.

It would also be gratifying to be able to dismiss as nothing more than a momentary lapse Andrew Marr’s startling failure to challenge this falsehood from Findlay. But, far from being an aberration, this refusal to properly scrutinise the claims and utterances of British politicians is now firmly established as accepted practice in the British media.

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