Friday 21 November 2014

Record View: The Vow is doing it's job

David Cameron is sticking by his pledge to Scots on the Barnett Formula despite being under pressure from his own MPs, proof the The Vow is doing it’s job.

Peter A Bell's insight:

The Daily Record lies!

David Cameron wasn’t even in the chamber. So how could he have contributed to the debate, as this appalling rag says?

Ed Miliband wasn’t there either. Nor was Nick Clegg. So we can easily see how much importance they attach to what is, supposedly, their “Vow”.

Other absentees were Gordon Brown, self-appointed plenipotentiary and spokesperson for the nation and people of Scotland, and Alistair Darling - remember him?

Why is the Daily Record trying so desperately to play up the significance of the “Vow” which pretty much everybody else long since dismissed as a dreadful joke? Perhaps because the newspaper’s already tattered reputation depends on the “Vow” not being exposed as the confidence trick that it undoubtedly was.

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