Friday 21 November 2014

Gordon Brown to outline further powers plan

GORDON Brown will set out a programme for jobs, economic growth and tackling poverty using the new powers of the Scottish Parliament when he addresses business leaders in Glasgow.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Who the hell is Gordon Brown?

He has no position. He has no status. He has no role. He has no authority. And, despite the fawning attention lavished on him by the British media, he has precious little respect among voters in Scotland.

So what is he doing setting out his “plan” for the Scottish Government? He isn’t even an MSP. He is never going to be an MSP. He is most certainly never going to be in a position to implement his “plan”. He isn’t even going to be in a position to influence policy. Not ever!

What he is doing is posturing. Gordon Brown - who was a nonentity even when he was a calamitous part of the disastrous Blair government - has decided that he wants to be a “statesman”. So he is acting out the role. And doing so very poorly despite the assistance of a media relations team which seems to have a somewhat worrying ability to have the British press print whatever they want them to print.

I note that Brown is “calling on the Smith Commission to endorse” whatever it is that his people have cobbled together. What I don’t find is any mention of an actual submission. Which only seems to confirm my initial impression. Gordon Brown is nought but a bag of wind and pish.

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