Sunday 9 November 2014

Sturgeon won’t rule out SNP and Labour coalition

NICOLA Sturgeon has signalled that the SNP would be prepared to prop up Ed Miliband at Westminster if there is a hung parliament after next May’s General ­Election.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Some things never change. The Scotsman continues to peddle the myth that it was the SNP which “ushered in” the vile Thatcher. The reality, of course, is that the SNP offered to prop up the Callaghan government in return for British Labour doing no more than deliver on its promises about devolution. Callaghan turned down that offer knowing full well that it meant handing power to the Tories.

Years later, Gordon Brown took the same attitude, preferring a Tory government to any kind of deal with the SNP. Such is British Labour’s mindless hatred of their real political rivals. Such is the nature of the faux rivalry between the two main British parties.

And that mindless hatred doesn’t change, even when its corrosive effects threaten to destroy the party. Listen to the knee-jerk drivel from the non-existent “Scottish Labour Party”. They are still trying to sell the tired old “Vote Labour ‘cos we’re not the Tories” line despite the fact that we know that voting Labour is a largely ineffective way of avoiding Tory governments. And despite the fact that British Labour’s claim to be significantly different from the Tories long since ceased to be credible.

This dumb, delusional spokesperson for British Labour in Scotland is desperately trying to persuade us that politics hasn’t changed in the last few years. They are frantically seeking to convince us that politics is no more than a choice between Red Tories and Blue Tories. They are oblivious to the increased political awareness and sophistication of the people of Scotland that is a legacy of the referendum campaign.

And the sub-text is, as ever, that the old order and the old ways must be preserved. The structures of power and privilege which define the British state must be defended at whatever cost to the people of Scotland and other inhabitants of these islands outside the London bastions of the ruling elites.

It’s time for a new song.

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