Wednesday 19 November 2014

Alex Salmond is a paranoid loser, says former BBC chairman

Sir Christopher Bland

Peter A Bell's insight:

What Sir Christopher Bland remains stubbornly blind to is the fact that the BBC’s bias in the referendum campaign is not just something that popped into Alex Salmond’s head, but something which was confirmed by independent academic research.

As for the rather infantile “loser” epithet, I suppose that depends on how you look at it. Doubtless Bland defines a “winner” in terms that put himself in that category whilst excluding all those who are in no way like him. Seen in that light, Mr Salmond might well consider it a compliment to be considered a loser by Bland.

For certain, there are no objective measures by which Alex Salmond could be counted a loser. He is at present among the most influential politicians in the UK. Something he manages to combine with being one of the most popular politicians in Scotland. No mean feat in itself.

Alex Salmond is respected. He has a future as a significant public figure and a powerful political force. Sir Christopher Bland is a nonentity whose meagre achievements are all behind him.

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