Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Blame Game

I am knackered, Bushed, Exhausted, Drained, Burned Out….You name it….I am absolutely gubbed! I have given 3 years of my life to write and fight for Scotland to regain it’s Independence.. Why di…

Peter A Bell's insight:

I was prepared to grit my teeth and put up with the dreadful punctuation and random capitalisation, but the following line told me I should not waste my time reading any further.

"If It were not for the grassroots taking control we would have been absolutely gubbed!"

This one line encapsulates an abundance of ignorance about the nature of the Yes campaign. It was always clear that the anti-independence mob didn’t understand the nature of that campaign. It seems that this incomprehension was not confined to the unionist ranks.

The grass-roots didn’t “take control” of the Yes campaign. The grass-roots WAS the Yes campaign. It was always intended that it should be so. The anti-independence mob always thought of Yes Scotland as a top-down organisation directed by politicians and professional managers. An organisation, in other words, which mirrored Better Together. Other than in the very early days, Yes Scotland was never like this. And it was never meant to be.

Yes Scotland had a well-crafted strategy, the principal element of which was sowing the seeds for a campaign that would grow organically. In the early days, there was a lot of complaints that Hope Street was not providing direction for the nascent groups. That they would arrange a meeting where the skeleton of a group would be formed, and then walk away. While not entirely true - the team at Yes Scotland HQ were always readily accessible for assistance if required - the whole idea was to let these groups find their own level. To let them adapt to local conditions so that they could better communicate with local communities.

To say that this strategy was a “disaster” is complete nonsense that defies the evidence of 45% support for independence and an ongoing campaign that is, if anything, stronger than ever.

I continue to wear my Yes badge with pride. I am proud to have been part of something which has brought so many people together to strive for a common purpose. I am proud to have been part of something that engaged and energised so many thousands of people. I am proud to have been part of a movement which rescued our democracy and reclaimed it for its rightful owners.

Don’t tell me the Yes campaign was a “disaster”. I know this to be a lie every bit as deplorable as the lies which won the anti-independence mob their inglorious victory.

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