Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I vow to thee, my Scotland, a small number of earthly things - Spectator Blogs

Politics is a funny old game. I could have sworn the Yes campaign lost the Battle for Scotland in pretty decisive fashion last month. Scotland voted to remain a part…

Peter A Bell's insight:

Alex Massie is confused. It is not “Yes people” who are misrepresenting “The Vow”. They are merely accepting the way it was portrayed. Perception is everything. And, while Mr Massie is correct in assessing the panicked pre-referendum promises from the British parties as utterly vacuous, that is not how “the Vow” was sold to the people of Scotland.

There is no dishonesty in “Yes people” demanding that the UK Government deliver on promises even if, in print, those promises amount to nothing when the British media colluded in the effort to sell those empty assurances as something solid and meaningful.

Apart from anything else, holding the UK Government’s “feet to the fire” on this may at least serve to make people aware of how they were duped by The Daily Record and others. Which helps to lay the groundwork for the next referendum.

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