Sunday, 19 October 2014

Scottish Labour turns its back on Blair legacy

Labour in Scotland is to ditch the legacy of Tony Blair and return to its “socialist principles” as it seeks to ­counter the rising Nationalist threat and win power next May, one of the party’s most senior figures has said.

Peter A Bell's insight:

The notion of a “leftward shift” by Scottish Labour is as nonsensical as it is dishonest. It is nonsensical for the simple reason that there is no such thing as “Scottish labour”. There is only British Labour in Scotland. And there is no way that the party bosses in London are going to allow their minions north of the border to behave as if they were a real Scottish political party with distinct policies.

It is dishonest because Curran knows damned well that neither she nor any of her cronies who wear a “Scottish Labour” label when it suits them can actually effect any change of direction for what they continue to pretend is a real Scottish political party.

One thing is absolutely clear from what is being aid by the likes of Curran, Gordon Brown and Jack McConnell. It is perfectly obvious that their sole concern is, not the interests of Scotland’s people, but the restoration of British labour hegemony in Scotland and the preservation of the status and privileges enjoyed by British Labour politicians. It’s all about the party, and to hell with the people.

Curran is visiting those ten (former) British Labour strongholds in Scotland, not to listen to the concerns and aspirations of the Labour members and supporters who voted Yes in the referendum, but to cajole and browbeat them into going back to being unthinking party loyalists. It is a measure of Curran’s delusional state that she seriously imagines these people, having found a voice of their own and savoured genuine political power, will ever again be content to let the likes of her speak for them, or surrender their new-found political muscle to the party machine.

And if we wanted further evidence of just how detached from reality these “Scottish Labour” politicians are, we need look no further than McConnell’s ludicrous claim that the media have given the SNP an easy ride.

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