Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Clegg: Salmond is like a Japanese soldier fighting on after the war has been lost - Telegraph

Deputy Prime Minister urges the First Minister to ‘call it a day’ and accept the result of the independence referendum

Peter A Bell's insight:

I think it is quite generally accepted that, perhaps more than any other individual, Nick Clegg epitomises the duplicitous hypocrisy and brazen dishonesty which pervades the terminally corrupt British political system. That being so, it would be redundant for me to dwell upon these all too obvious character defects. But the very obviousness of these reprehensible traits gives rise to a serious question. Why is it that the British media is so determinedly blind to them?

Why is it left to online/alternative media to point out that, as well as being puerile and unseemly, Clegg’s comments about Alex Salmond’s continued support for the cause of independence and refusal to rule out another democratic referendum are sickeningly two-faced? (I shall not refer to any of these online sources specifically as much of the British media censors any mention of their honest rivals.)

Many readers will be perplexed as to why it is only the alternative media which are able to point to the recently published “Liberal Democrats’ Pre-Manifesto 2014” and the fact that, referring to the AV voting referendum, it says,

"We still believe these are essential changes and will work towards them in the next Parliament."

Many readers will be wondering why the above article makes no mention of the glaring contradiction that this implies in relation to Cleggs infantile sniping at Alex Salmond.

Some may realise that this attack on Salmond is a product, not merely of Clegg’s innate hypocrisy, but also evidence of his total inability to comprehend the concept of an honest, worthy, aspirational principle which is greater than the imperatives of political expediency and personal aggrandisement.

Some may also realise that the reason the British media is not trumpeting the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the likes of Clegg is that, from owners to mercenary hacks, they are part of the same detestable system within which odious creatures such as Clegg thrive.

A month ago, Scotland missed its opportunity to be free of that quagmire. That doesn’t mean we have to be meekly content to accept the consequences.

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  1. Yes Mr Clegg, you have been VERY quiet on the subject of student fees. You gave up on that one pretty quickly. Unfortunately for you, all those who had to pay those fees and are now struggling under a load of debt will remember the Lib-Dem promise - long after you are gone.

    In Scotland, the students had better remember who paid for their tuition. If they shab off to London. we, the Scottish electorate will remember.