Friday, 31 October 2014

Anas Sarwar resigns as deputy leader of Scottish Labour party

THE Glasgow Central MP, who will follow in the footsteps of Johann Lamont by standing down, announced his decision at a Labour fundraising dinner attended by Ed Miliband.

Peter A Bell's insight:

I find it quite hilarious that this is being portrayed as some sort of noble, selfless gesture on the part of a man who has never shown the slightest indication of being capable of grasping the concept of nobility and selflessness. It is perfectly obvious that Sarwar has been offered some juicy plum of British Labour patronage in return for stepping aside and allowing an MSP to be appointed as deputy leader of “Scottish” Labour. All of which is intended to smooth the way for Jim Murphy to replace the hapless Johann Lamont.

British Labour and their mouthpiece, the Daily Record, really do take us for fools. Do they seriously imagine that the people of Scotland are unable to see through their clumsy conniving?

What Sarwar’s resignation does is confirm that British Labour’s bosses in London have decided Murphy is to their man. The sole criterion for this being the fact that he is considered to be the best person to carry on the anti-SNP hate-fest which has so crippled “Scottish” Labour over the past decade. They see Murphy as the man who will best serve the interests of the party and the British establishment. The interests of the people of Scotland are not a consideration.

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