Sunday 19 October 2014

Euan McColm: Think-tank gives SNP firepower

WHEN it comes to policies, the SNP has made a little go a long way in recent years.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Of one thing we can be absolutely certain. If - or, more likely, when - this new SNP think-tank is formed there will not be a place for Euan McColm. Why would there be when he clearly doesn’t understand the process involved in developing new policies. According to this buffoon, nobody should ever put forward an idea that is subsequently shown to be impracticable. The very concept of the think-tank is evidently beyond his grasp.

Perhaps if McColm was not quite so smug in his dullness and so misguidedly convinced of his own profound perspicacity, he might have paused to actually ponder the term, “think-tank” and what it implies.

Firstly, and rather obviously, it implies thinking. But, more importantly, it implies innovative thinking. Thinking unfettered by prejudices and preconceptions. Not an area, one suspects, where Mr McColm excels.

Less obviously, the term “think-tank” implies an environment in which innovative thinking is encouraged and facilitated. The environment of the mainstream British media, where Euan McColm makes himself so comfortably at home, does not immediately spring to mind.

Let’s face it! This article had little or nothing to do with examining the idea of a policy think tank that is at least open to the idea of independence. Organisations such as Scottish Global Forum, The Jimmy Reid Foundation and even Business for Scotland are already serving this purpose. Although McColm is either dumbly unaware of their existence or prevented from acknowledging them by his own prejudices.

In truth, this article was nothing more than a contrived excuse for a pitifully inept dig at the SNP. A party which, as most of us will have noted, has done very well out of declining to be guided by the “thinking” of the likes of Euan McColm.

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