Friday 17 October 2014

Devo deal will bar Scots from being PM - Brown

GORDON Brown has urged Labour to maintain its opposition to the devolution of all income tax to Holyrood because it would create “a constitutional crisis” that would be “a Trojan horse” for independence.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Is anybody listening to Gordon Brown? Is there any reason why they should?

I have long been perplexed by the attention that the nominally Scottish media affords this serial failure. I had attributed the amount of space Brown gets in the media to an admirably efficient press relations team. And some of the comments about him being a “commanding figure” and “highly respected” are very obviously the work of spin-quacks charged with the task of aiding poor Gordon as he pursues his obsession with emulating Tony Blair’s success as a high profile global parasite.

It only lately occurred to me that there might be another explanation for the media affording him such obviously unearned status. It may well be that this is not so much a measure of Gordon Brown’s worth as a reflection of the worthlessness of British Labour’s little clique at Holyrood. Gordon gets the air-time and the column inches, not because he has anything worthwhile to say, but because Johann Lamont is so incapable of saying anything worthwhile.

The nominal leaderette of “Scottish” Labour is such a vapid, voiceless creature that she leaves a vacuum which the media abhors and must fill - even if it is with nothing more than the wind and pish emanating from Gordon Brown.

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