Wednesday 15 October 2014

Cameron has failed in duty on debate say SNP

DAVID Cameron has been accused by the SNP of a “total dereliction of duty” for not leading today’s set-piece six-hour Commons debate on devolution following the Scottish independence referendum.

Peter A Bell's insight:

One of the things that was predicted to occur in the event of a No vote in the referendum was that British nationalists would represent it as a fulsome and unequivocal endorsement of the union. And so it has turned out. The 45% who unequivocally voted for independence are, as also predicted, being totally ignored. Only those who voted for something completely undefined count for anything in the calculations of British establishment.

It is the British state defined. Vote positively for something, and your voice doesn’t count. Only if you vote to let British politicians decide what you have voted for is your vote respected.

This is not democracy. This is a mockery of democracy.

This is demockracy!

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