Friday 10 October 2014

Davidson interviewed by police over vote claims

SCOTS Tory Party leader Ruth Davidson has been interviewed by police in her Parliament offices in connection with allegations pro-Union campaigners illegally counted postal votes in the weeks before independence referendum ballots closed.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this whole affair is that it isn’t shocking at all. We have become so inured to British politicians’ disregard for normal standards of behaviour that we barely bat an eye when the nominal leader of a sort-of political party stands accused of a serious breach of electoral law.

The reaction from “party sources” within the British Conservative’s branch in Scotland says it all. There is, they insist, “no suggestion” that Ruth Davidson has done anything wrong. Are we to suppose that she is being interviewed by the police on a whim? Must we disregard the fact that the Crown Office found sufficient grounds to instruct the police to carry out a full investigation?

Davidson being questioned by police means, by definition, that there is a suggestion of wrongdoing and that she is either a possible suspect or a potential witness.

The denials coming from these “party sources” are symptomatic of that same arrogant, self-righteous British exceptionalism that we saw so much of during the referendum campaign. It is a manifestation of the conviction that the ruling elites of the British state can do no wrong. The absolute belief that any conduct, no matter how reprehensible in any other context, is fully justified if it is done in the name of preserving the established order.

Regardless of how the authorities dispose of the hapless leader of the Scottish Tories, there is evidence enough of the corruption that besets the British state.

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