Thursday 8 March 2012

Tweeting for tossers

I see society's self-appointed tut-tuterati of the Twittersphere have been at it again! Responding with not at all cunningly contrived righteous indignation and impressively theatrical outrage to something some fool tweeted about "our brave boys" in Afghanistan.

It seems that the tosser in question might have some tenuous connection to the SNP. So, of course, some other tosser (Jim Murphy) feels compelled to elevate the tosser of the first instance to the rank of official party spokesperson. Such is the manifold nature of tosserism!

But seriously! If that's possible. How can the SNP, or any other organisation for that matter, control everything that is posted on the internet or social media by people who may or not be party members, activists or supporters?

And supposing it was possible, would we want political parties to have that kind of power? I don't think so!

Are the old parties going to take responsibility for every single nutter associated with the anti-independence cause who uses social media and/or online publishing to express distasteful views? I don't think so!

The obnoxious deposits regularly left, among other places, on the comment facilities of the likes of The Telegraph, The Mail and The Express by rabid British nationalists is frequently quite appalling - even to one who is no stranger to a bit of robust online badinage and whose sensibilities have been effectively anaesthetised by decades of decidedly indelicate pub banter. But that's the price we pay for freedom of expression coupled with open channels of mass communication. We just have to be a wee bit grown-up about it and accept that, every once in a while, some tosser will do what tossers tend to do.

Anybody who imagines that the views of the individual in question reflect those of the SNP and/or those associated with the party is, to be blunt, showing some quite distinct tosseroid tendencies of their own. And those who feign to believe this for the sake of scoring petty party political points are, to be just as blunt, even further down the road to irredeemable tosserdom than the tosser who made the original remarks.

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