Monday, 5 March 2012

Baillie and the blankets II - The retraction

Smeared by Baillie
The average person could hardly have missed reading about the latest allegations of failures in Scotland's health service made by Labour's health spokesperson, Jackie Baillie. They could, however, be forgiven for having failed to notice the bit where she retracted her latest lie. While the claim that patients in one hospital were being forced to "share blankets" was given headline treatment across the media, finding the admission that this claim was entirely false might have challenged a professional researcher.

The initial response to her smear attempt being challenged came from a spokesman for Ms Baillie and compounded the original lie by seeking to suggest that the hospital concerned was involved in a cover-up. It is only in an obscure and unrelated piece in The Herald that we find a grudging admission of dishonesty tacked on to yet another rehashing of the original untruth..

The plain fact is that we cannot trust anything that the British Labour & Unionist Party says. And we can't even rely on our newspapers to hold them to account for their lies.

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