Wednesday 7 January 2015

Nick Clegg Pledges To Stop Alex Salmond And His "Ragtag Mob Of Nationalists"

"Even people as self-important as Alex Salmond have to win over the electorate," said the deputy prime minister.

Peter A Bell's insight:

Nick Clegg just called over 90,000 SNP members (more than the LibDems in the whole UK) and somewhere in the region of 45% of the electorate in Scotland a “ragtag mob”. Does he really think this will make him and his failed party any less unappealing to voters?

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  1. Does he perhaps think he will be safer than in his own constituency?

    In Scotland he only has to weasel out of responsibility for The Vow, and he can either dismiss that as a press stunt or promise that at a later (unspecified) date if elected and a coalition partner. In his own constituency.

    Since the 2010 boundary changes, neither of Sheffield's universities have a campus in his constituency but it still includes areas where many students live. They have not forgotten the pledge on student fees. How can they when most of them are facing decades of debt and austerity?