Monday 12 January 2015

Major city devolution summit to be held in Glasgow

A MAJOR summit on devolution to UK cities will take place in Glasgow next month, it has been announced.

Peter A Bell's insight:

If we were not already justifiably wary of the new-found enthusiasm for localism among British politicians then Gordon Matheson’s ill-judged remarks should serve as a warning. Unable to conceal his hatred of the Scottish Parliament and the SNP, Matheson clumsily reveals that this Core Cities “initiative” is driven by a British nationalist agenda that has absolutely nothing whatever to do with empowering local communities, and everything to do with giving the British parties in Scotland the means to undermine the Scottish Government and drive a wedge between the people of Scotland and their parliament.

Let us be very clear about this. The British political parties, and particularly their branch operations in Scotland, are driven by a single imperative - the preservation of the British state and, thereby, their own power and privilege. Their overriding aim is to get the Scottish Parliament back under their control and to install an “executive” in Scotland which will be Westminster’s lapdog. Everything that the British parties in Scotland do must be seen in this context. Many would prefer to abolish the Scottish Parliament entirely.

It is hardly unknown for politicians to take a popular policy and pervert it to some nefarious purpose. And that is precisely what Matheson and his cronies are up to here. There is broad agreement that local devolution is highly desirable. But it MUST be done for the purpose of improving democracy. We MUST NOT allow localism to be hi-jacked by the ruling elites of the British state for the purpose of securing their grip on power to the detriment of democracy.

Local devolution in Scotland must be implemented solely under the auspices of the democratically elected Scottish Parliament. Better trust a snake in the grass than a British politician bearing a gift purporting to be power for the people.

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  1. Presumably he met the people he'll be working with during the referendum campaign. Who was that? Oh yes, Cameron Milliband and Clegg.

    The problem is that getting into bed with your political opponents is a bit like losing your virginity - once you have done it once there is no point in holding out any more.

  2. Have you got nothing else in your life but nationalism?

    What a sad laughable bigot you are.

    Peter Bellend.

    1. As Volitaire said, 'It's difficult to free fools from the chains they revere'

      Today it's defined as 'Stockholm Syndrome'