Monday 4 April 2016

Infantile antics

"Questions raised over SNP's £10bn Chinese trade deal", declares the STV website. But are they sensible questions? Is it even a "trade deal"? And, whatever it is, was it actually shrouded in secrecy?

Or is this no more than the kind of infantile antics that have come to characterise the British parties in Scotland?

There was no secret. The signing of the memorandum of understanding was reported. If it was only reported in the niche media that's because it is a matter of only niche interest.

It isn't a trade deal. It's an agreement to have discussions about meetings to have talks about talks about something as yet unspecified which may, some time down the line, become something significant. It's a trivial procedural matter such as is part of the day-to-day business of any government. If the Scottish Government didn't release any "details", it's because there are no "details". There's nothing to report. Nothing has happened, except the opening up of the possibility that something might happen.

There are no sensible questions to be asked. There is nothing more to find out. Everything there is to know is already known. And none of it is stuff that we needed to know anyway.

The overblown, theatrical hysterics of the British parties would be comical were it not for the fact that it is yet another attempt to deceive the people of Scotland.

Are the people of Scotland fooled by this? Only those who want to be. Are voters impressed by the screeching of Jackie Baillie or the whining of Willie Rennie? Not if the polls are within an astronomical distance of being accurate.

Will the British parties ever learn that the people of Scotland are no longer susceptible to their puerile efforts at manipulation? It seems not.


  1. "Move along now, nothing to see", declares Peter, completely overlooking the role of Nationalist tax dodger, and London resident Brian 'Soapy' Souter!

    Now just why was Scotland's multi-millionaire homophobic charabank owner present when this deal was signed?

    Before Holyrood and elected officials and representatives knew about it?

    But hey in Peter's world, things like this do not matter.

    The interesting question is, what does Soapy Souter stand to gain from this deal?

    But if you listen to Peter, all you will hear about this is;


    Move along now, nothing to see...

    1. That's my brain-dead British nationalist stalker heard from. Never mind the facts! There must be something to this because he oh so desperately wants there to be. Desperately! Desperately Desperately!

      Poor pathetic wee soul.

    2. Why was one of Scotland's most prominent businessmen present at a meeting about possibly increasing international business? I can't even imagine why that might happen.

      But the SNP did it so it MUST be bad.

  2. Oh dear oh dear, what are Peter and the American expat Nat JR Tomlin going to have to say about this?

    "NICOLA Sturgeon has signed a potential multi-billion pound investment deal with a firm owned by a Chinese construction giant implicated in "gross corruption" on an industrial scale.

    Major concerns have been raised after evidence emerged to suggest that China Railway Group Limited (CRG) has been guilty of paying huge bribes to government officials in China to secure lucrative public contracts over several years with the full knowledge of its management"

    Oh dear , oh dear....

    Did the SNP not do due diligence before they signed up to this MOU?

    Will Scottish taxpayers money now be used to pay bribes in China?

    Who in the Scottish Government knew about this, and when did they know it?

    Has anyone in Scotland involved in this deal been bribed?

    No wonder perhaps why the SNP were so coy about this the other day when it was announced.

    It has all the hall marks of a juicy scandal in the making.

    I think we should be told, don't you?

    1. Once again you flaunt your ignorance, dumb prejudice and pathetic inability to question anything fed to you by the lying British media.

      There is no deal. There is only a Memorandum of Understanding relating to something called The Belt and Road Initiative. Many other countries are involved in this initiative having signed similar agreements. Including the UK Government. How come it's only an issue when it comes to the Scottish Government.

      But there is no point in explaining any of this to an evidently deranged British nationalist fanatic such as yourself. If you had the intellectual capacity to comprehend what was going on, or the wits to find out, then you wouldn't be making such a complete fool of yourself in this way.

  3. Bless Peter, you are spinning so fast with this that you ought to be plugged into the National grid.


    Norway refused to deal with this Chinese company and blacklisted them.

    But apparently bribery and corruption are of no importance to the oh so smug and superior SNP, when it comes to choosing business partners.

    What was all that about the SNP's new politics?

    Still never mind Peter the truth will out.

    As was said about you;

    "the big chap takes himself terribly seriously. Nobody else does"

    1. The spin is coming entirely from those whose sole remaining strategy is to try to smear the SNP. Had you but the wits of your average mollusc you would be aware of the countless such smears that have gone before. Like all of this, this latest nonsense will evaporate. Because, and again you are far too stupid to know this, there is absolutely no substance to it.

      In fact, the most interesting thing about the whole affair is the reaction of dullards such as yourself. From a psychological perspective, it is quite fascinating to see the ease with which you can be induced to believe evident drivel. And the facility with which you can be reduced to a gibbering little gobbet of rancid, mindless hate.

    2. Oh dear Peter...

      So the FM a failure as a solicitor, demonstrates just exactly why she was a failure as a solicitor, by not doing any due diligence...

      Legal basics 101.

      As this post makes all too clear.

      "Mrs Sturgeon's abject failure to carry out due diligence before signing the Memorandum of Understanding on 1 March 2016 comes as no surprise to those who are aware of the following information recorded in David Torrance's biography of Mrs Sturgeon:-

      1. "After completing her diploma in the summer of 1993, Sturgeon joined McClure Naismith as a trainee one partner recalled, she was 'not an unusually energetic or conscientious trainee'…by the end, as the partner remembered, 'There was no question of Nicola staying on, and I don't think she was surprised by that decision…She just wasn't a star; she didn't show any great ambition.'"

      2. "during 1995 she began commuting to Stirling where the small firm of Bell & Craig had taken her on as an associate….Later, there were rumours that something had gone wrong in her legal career but, when asked about this in 2014, Sturgeon said simply, 'I've got nothing I want to confess' a trainee, she would not have had enough responsibility to make mistakes, although that did not rule out an incident at the smaller Stirling firm."

      3. Mrs Sturgeon then ended up working at the Drumchapel Law Centre providing cover for an employee who was on maternity leave.

      With each passing day it becomes clearer and clearer that Mrs Sturgeon is the personification of the Peter Principle – Mrs Sturgeon is now attempting to operate well out of her league, well above the level of her ability and competence – and Mrs Sturgeon is failing abysmally. The time has come for Mrs Sturgeon to return to the level of her competence at the Drumchapel Law Centre - Mrs Sturgeon must go - and Mrs Sturgeon must go now."

      Indeed Mr Bells 'Whattaboutery' defence will be along in 5,4,3,2,1...