Wednesday 16 March 2016

Nothing but lies!

After the earlier example from The Herald, here we have another dishonest headline, courtesy of The Scotsman, and another bit of British establishment propaganda designed to pander to British nationalist fanatics rather than to inform.

Take this article at face value, as most unionist ideologues will, and you'd suppose that the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) was castigating the Scottish Government for its plans to improve childcare. The truth, in which unionists will have no interest whatever, is that NDNA is totally supportive of the SNP administration's proposals. The caveat about funding being nothing more than a statement of the obvious and a standard stipulation by an organisation representing those with a financial interest.

Those who are not British nationalist bigots might be interested to know what the NDNA actually says,

NDNA welcomes the Scottish National Party’s plans for expanding free childcare – but funding needs to be sufficient for the scheme to be successful.

Adequate funds to pay for the funded places would unlock enough capacity within Scotland’s private, voluntary and third sector nurseries to meet demand.

Purnima Tanuku OBE, NDNA’s Chief Executive, said: “We welcome Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘revolution in early years education and childcare’, outlined in her conference speech.

“Her pledge to expand 30 hours childcare free to all three- and four-year-olds and vulnerable two-year-olds will have great benefits for child development and increasing their life chances, especially the most disadvantaged children.

“But the funding formula needs to be sufficient to keep private, voluntary and third sector nurseries in business and able to provide enough capacity to satisfy demand. Parental choice is extremely important and private nurseries can be flexible to meet the needs of working parents – but they have to be part of the funded scheme in order to provide this.

“NDNA also welcomes the plans to have an additional teacher or childcare graduate in every nursery in the most deprived areas which would keep the quality of early education high – this would need Government support to happen in private nurseries. We would be happy to work with the Scottish Government to make this a reality.”

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