Friday 23 October 2015

Kenneth Roy is a f***ing bladder!

It is relevant to note that the Scottish Review provides no facility for comment on its articles. Something that will surely sit well with journalists who suppose themselves to have a divinely-ordained right to pontificate with impunity.
Perhaps if Mr Roy were not so preoccupied with wallowing in his contrived sense of grievance he would be able to see the media-generated hysteria about "cybernat abuse" for what it truly is - a form of intimidation. The endless flaunting of theatrically righteous indignation and the deluge of partial, pious condemnation is no more than the British media using its power as a tool of the British establishment to bludgeon into silence those who challenge the inaccuracies, distortions and downright lies which they promulgate.
It's possible that if Mr Roy were not so intent upon casting himself in the role of heroic victim of unjust persecution he might just see that the wilfully one-sided railing against online abuse is a kind of censorship. The British media assumes the role of sole arbiter of what is permissible for the purpose of narrowing the debate to the extent that even fully justified criticism of the media is excluded.
At the very least, it is hoped that the threat of being labelled a "cybernat" will make people prone to self-censorship. The threat of a week-long tirade of vilification in the Daily Record might make any but the most determined champion of truth shy away from condemning some blatant lie or vicious smear that the paper has published.
If Mr Roy was not content to sit proud and prideful in his citadel of self-regard, he might get close enough to reality to discover that this "cybernat abuse" about which he obsesses is almost entirely mythical. It is no more than a noxious fog generated by British nationalists to disguise and distract from their inability to honestly counter the arguments of the independence movement.
When someone of Kenneth Roy's undoubted intellectual acumen descends to inanities such as "Miss Sturgeon's one-party state" then he forfeits any right to demand respect. By his own choice, he puts himself among the ranks of the mindless British nationalist fanatics who lack the capacity to see the idiocy of such remarks.
Kenneth Roy will, of course, insist that anybody so much as referring to this abysmal stupidity is guilty of "vile abuse". He will seek to divert attention from his own prejudice-driven foolishness by bawling piteously about how awful it is of some "cybernat" to draw attention to his gaffe. In doing so, he will provide the perfect example of the true nefarious purpose behind the media's "cybernat abuse" hysteria.
I am not given to self-censorship. I will not be intimidated by the media bullies. I'll not shrink from telling it like it is.


  1. I enjoyed reading that. Ever since we scruff stopped griping about footy, the price of beer, and the neighbour's hedge, and started taking an interest in what the politicians were up to, there's clearly been an urgent need by our superiors (corporate journalists, their owners, and their partners - the politicians) to poison the well. I'm a separatist = fascist/nazi, so please feel free to disregard this comment, or delete it :-P

    1. The British establishment must be nostalgic for the days of mass apathy, right enough.

  2. And an irritating Holy Wullie, to boot.

    I find his perennially patronizing tone to be really quite wearisomely tedious.

  3. "I am not given to self-censorship...." says Mr Bell.

    A then we'd all be spared your rambling incoherence...

    Still at least you have done one thing Mr Bell, you have proved Kenneth Roy's point to be correct.

    "Like many before me, I am discovering that if you're not totally for them, you're totally against them. In Miss Sturgeon's one-party state, in the party and out of the party, dissent – any dissent – is simply not tolerated."

    Well done Mr 'Thinker Listener Talker Reader Writer'!

    1. You could have spared yourself the challenge to your inane prejudices by the simple expedient of not reading my blog.

      Now that you have made the mistake of drawing attention to it, I cannot do other than remark on the dumb gullibility that makes you such an ideal target for British nationalist propaganda. Some scribbler, in a fit of petulance over some challenge his self-proclaimed right to pontificate with impunity, spews out some infantile taunts and you accept every word as gospel.

      Mr Roy clearly isn't the only bladder among mindless British nationalists.

    2. Irony I can see is a concept that is simply beyond you Mr Bell......

      *Slow handclap*

      As for not reading your blog why?

      It's some of the best entertainment 'out there', the world as seen through a wee Nats prism.

      Either that or its a parody blog about the hairier fringes of Scottish Nationalism.

      As a middle aged angry white guy, shouts at the traffic...

      So please keep it up Peter, you are a source of amusement to many folk!

    3. Hmm! You're a bit of a bore. Even for a British nationalist fanatic.

      Moving on...

  4. Well said Peter-it needs many more to stand up to what is essentially online bullying. What gives MSM, minor politicians & BritNats the right to question the independence movement's comments & then seek to silence our attempts to hold them to account? Absolutely nothing gives them that unilateral right.

    Personally, I'm proud to be a cybernat & standing up for what I believe in & it certainly isn't continuation of this so-called union.

    1. It is good that more and more people are recognising the mainstream media's tactics for what they are.

  5. Heard Mr Roy on the the radio this morning.
    I wonder when he last bought a Scottish newspaper.

  6. yes well the fact that you cant comment on Roy's closed minded ramblings says it all...........don't confuse me with the facts I have already made up my mind......seems about right

  7. Started off as a fascinating article that I fully agreed with, however I had to abandon reading it as the light grey on slightly lighter grey print is just too difficult for me.