Monday 4 May 2015

Wee bairns and big bairns

I see snivelling Gordon Rayner (left), Chief Reporter at The Telegraph, is having himself a wee petulant tantrum* because everybody in Scotland didn't drape themselves in a union jack and take to the streets in a Dervish-dance of transported joy to celebrate the birth of another bairn destined for a life of unearned privilege and imposed parasitism.
Doubtless Gordon feels better for having vented some of his excess of righteous indignation at those Scottish newspapers which, inexplicably, chose not to disregard the election and other events of some consequence to give over acres of space to a birth that was perhaps somewhat less miraculous than those which occurred on the same day in considerably less pampered circumstances.
But does his bitter hysteria excuse blatant lies? Apparently it does if you work for the most rabidly British nationalist rag in the realm to which, all unknowingly in her sweet innocence, said bairn lays claim.
The statement that the SNP is seeking election in the hope of "pressing for another referendum on independence" is a blatant untruth, as repeatedly confirmed by Nicola Sturgeon.
And, yes! I am also wondering what any of this has to do with the SNP anyway. Rayner bleats piteously about the "sniffy attitude of the Scottish press towards the royal Princess (Is there another kind?)". But surely it is he who is showing the greatest disrespect by trying to spin this grievance-laden guff into yet another gobbet of anti-SNP propaganda.

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