Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Monumental hypocrisy

There is something almost magnificent about the monumental hypocrisy involved in British Labour in Scotland claiming a victory on behalf of transparency hot on the heels of their embarrassingly inept efforts to eradicate all traces of their dishonest denigration of NHS Scotland. (Labour claim victory after ministers unveil new website to make Scottish NHS among most transparent in world)

Rather than trying to sneakily steal credit for the SNP administration's moves to improve access to relevant statistical information, it would be more appropriate if Murphy's Mob were to take responsibility for their atrocious conduct in rushing to malign health service staff with such unseemly haste that they couldn't even be bothered to read the figures properly.

This whole affair has exposed the corrosive cancer at the heart of British Labour in Scotland. A combination of hunger for the status that they themselves squandered and intellect-crippling hatred of the party which has filled the space they themselves chose to vacate drives them to latch on desperately to anything which looks even remotely like a stick with which they can beat the SNP. All too often that stick turns out to be a serpent which turns around and bites them on the proverbial.

What hope is there of the kind of "change" which the political automatons and ex-Project Fear spin-quacks of British Labour in Scotland talk about incessantly when they can't even bring themselves to acknowledge the savagely bitter mindset; the arrogant sense of entitlement; and the gaffe-prone pettiness that was so starkly evident in the relish with which Murphy slandered NHS Scotland over the issue of cancelled procedures?

Nobody from Murphy's Mob has apologised for a malicious attack on our NHS which was only the latest and the worst (so far) in an ongoing campaign of calumny. Nobody has taken responsibility. Instead, they laughably try to blame the SNP, and/or push blame onto some anonymous staffer. Mealy-mouthed Jenny Marra will concede no more than that "a mistake was made". Damn right a mistake was made! It was Marra and her boss, Murphy, who made it!

I have long maintained that all elections - and, arguably, this coming election in particular - are decided, not on the issue of the economy as is invariably maintained, but on the issue of trust. Voters do not vote on the basis of the details of party policy on the economy and other issues. They vote on the basis of who they can most trust with the task of running the economy and the country. Or, who they least distrust. It's all relative.

Jim Murphy and the whole of British Labour in Scotland seem intent upon providing almost daily reminders that they simply cannot be trusted.

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