Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Desperate Darling

Alistair Darling is looking increasingly beleaguered and desperate. When he rants about how his Project Fear is winning the economic argument, (The Herald), he sounds increasingly like he's trying to convince himself and his little band of British nationalists rather than the people of Scotland.

But Darling has never seemed to be talking to the people of Scotland. Shouting at us. Lecturing, hectoring and threatening us. All of that. But never has he simply addressed us with a reasoned argument informed by consideration of what might be best for Scotland. Always, he argues from the perspective of what is in the best interests of the British state and, not at all incidentally, British politicians such as himself.

The threat to abolish the currency union was an act of political desperation, not economic calculation. Following through on that threat would be, as economist, Professor Anton Muscatelli writes in the Financial Times, "tantamount to economic vandalism".

Alistair Darling was the architect of this disastrous political ploy. He will pay a price for his hubris and gross ineptitude. I feel no shame in finding satisfaction in Darling's discomfiture. This is a man who has shamelessly lied to the people of Scotland, about bank bail-outs and much else. This is the man who has taken what should have been a reasonable, rational and constructively passionate debate about Scotland's future and contaminated it with lies, smears, scaremongering and his rancid personal resentment of the SNP.

But we should not make the same mistake that the anti-independence mob has made. We should not seek to personalise the campaign as they have sought to do. As despicable as Alistair Darling's conduct has been, we should bear in mind that he merely reflects the rottenness in the heart of the British state. Darling is a symptom of a malady that can only be cured by voting Yes.
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  1. Desperate Dan was partial to Cow pie, perhaps desperate Darling should be served with a generous portion of bullshit pie.