Thursday 31 May 2012

Yon royal thingy

This is everything I have to say about yon royal thingy.


  1. And can I just add . . . .

    1. No, quite enough's been said already!

  2. Didn't know you were so "up" for the Jubilee Peter. :D

  3. Royal thingy?

    What's that cock Andrew been up to now?

  4. i stopped reading this article because it was too long winded and a tad sycophantic!!!

  5. I do worry if the fact there are more Orange parades than Jubilee parties in Glasgow sums up Scotland at the moment.
    Govan may have parties but I cannot envisage similar at Parkhead.
    The Queen is correctly held in different esteem to Chuck and Trigger, and despite no doubt wall to wall support and negligible questioning and criticism when Chuck takes over I suspect all will not be quite so well then. Diana was not perfect but he was offside from even before the marriage.

    I suspect despite most people agreeing the Queen is the right girl in charge for now, there will be discussions in how to time a "kate baby" for a month before the referendum regardless.... as it will be seen as a sign of the Union.
    I do not put it past the Establishment.

    The English use the Union Jack as a sign of royal support now, as the sports teams have finally got the message.
    For Scotland to get catholics onside I am not sure the Union Jack is going to be the best rallying call.

    When the costs of the Olympics are finally admitted as 20 bill plus (not 4 bill as planned) and the losses incurred are also admitted in billions then like Sydney the novelty will wear off and rational people will ask was it really worth it for a few medals and next to no business investment which would have aided the UK as a whole far more.

  6. Any one interested in the back door shenanigan's that resulted in London 2012 might find this piece in Vanity Fair interesting!

  7. Well folks here we are, Tuesday June 5th and STILL the EBC and MSM are fawning over themselves DESPERATE to get themselves onto the next "honours" list. ARGH!....................