Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Labour, Tories criticise Salmond over £65k Commons 'golden goodbye'

ALEX Salmond has come under fire for refusing to hand back a £65,000 “golden goodbye” resettlement grant he claimed when he stood down as a Westminster MP.

Peter A Bell's insight:

British politicians attempting to smear Alex Salmond hardly amounts to news. It is an almost daily occurrence. And this is, of course a coordinated smear attempt by the British Labour in Scotland [Jody Harrison: Please note that there is no such thing as the “Scottish Labour Party”.] and their Tory allies.

None of these British nationalist fanatics has explained exactly why Salmond should pay back this money. None of them can show that he was not entitled to the grant. They do not suggest that others in similar circumstances should be subject to this kind of ad hoc retrospective rule.

If we are talking about setting an example, then perhaps we should be asking why other politicians with more than one source of income aren’t contributing a substantial portion of their earnings to charity as Alex Salmond does.

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